Until Time Runs Out

Mrs and Mrs

30 years ago we exchanged vows in a tiny church in Port Austin, Michigan. It was standing room only, we were surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues, all wishing the best. It was snowing and the world was beautiful and we were full of love and hope and joy.

We had no idea what we were getting into.

We had no idea we would go to sleep one night, looking at the chubby little faces of toddlers, and wake up on what seemed like the very next day looking at the faces of two confident, loving, strong, amazing men.

We had no idea we would have 8 mailing addresses, or that we would hang countless sheets of drywall, covering them with gallons and gallons of paint.

We had no idea we could grow thousands of tomatoes but kill dozens of houseplants.

We had no idea we would bring so many beloved pets into our home, or how much it would hurt when we had to tell them goodbye.

We had no idea we would spend so many days and nights apart from each other.

We had no idea time would fly by so fast. 30 years has passed in the blink of an eye.

We can’t make time slow down, no matter how hard we try. But today, surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues, we make a commitment to treasure every minute of every day.

We again commit to each other to love and honor

For better or worse

In sickness and in health

In good times and in bad, from this day forward

There was no way to predict the path our lives together would take, but even during those times when we were asking ourselves “what did I get myself into” we stayed by each other’s side. We stayed on the path because we love each other and there was never any other option to consider.

We stay because we love each other. 30 years, full of joy and heartache, failure and success, challenges and changes. We stay together.

Until time runs out

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