My wife is transgender and we couldn’t be happier! When one person in the family comes out as transgender, all family members have to come out in a way.  It’s a very personal journey for everyone and it can be incredibly difficult to explain or understand.  When we were married the pastor introduced us to our guests, family and friends, as husband and wife.  Now we introduce ourselves as wife and wife.  We are happier in our marriage than we’ve ever been but the road we’ve been down has been bumpy and full of curves, as is the road ahead.  I am sharing this journey with you through my eyes as the straight, cis-gender wife and mother who thought she would have a husband forever but ended up with an amazing, loving wife somewhere along the way. We are a work in progress and I hope reading about our experiences might help others understand transgender people and their relationships a little better, and serve as living proof that couples can stay together, happily.